Allen Hinds Guitar Gear

allen hinds

I first discovered Allen Hinds thanks to Xotic years ago! See what guitar gear he’s using. You’ll also learn some tips on how you can sound like him.

How To Learn Songs Quicker

How To Learn Songs Quicker

Have you ever been called for a gig last minute and don’t know where to start? I’ll show you how to learn songs quicker and get gig ready with less hassle.

Mateus Asato Guitar Gear

Mateus Asato

You may not know who Mateus Asato is, but he’s a power house guitarist and is currently touring with pop star Tori Kelly. Learn more about his guitar gear.

Cheap vs Expensive Guitar Cables

Cheap vs Expensive Guitar Cables

Discover whether there is really a difference between cheap vs expensive guitar cables? Great tone doesn’t have to cost the earth!

How to read TAB

How to read TAB

If you don’t how to read TAB or even what tablature is, keep reading. It’ll change your life and guitar playing! Enjoy this free basic guitar lesson.

Carl Martin Surf Tremolo Pedal Review

Carl Martin Surf Tremolo Pedal Review

Review of the Carl Martin Surf Tremolo Pedal by a session guitarist, author and teacher. 100% unbiased professional review.

How are Guitar Effects Pedals Priced?

A question that I often wonder is how are effects pedals priced. We’ll explore the different elements included in the price.

What is the Best Overall Electric Guitar?

Best Overall Electric Guitar

The best guitar isn’t the most expensive, or the coolest, it might not even play the easiest. The best overall electric guitar is a unique to you!

Darrel Higham Guitar Gear

Darrel Higham

Darrel Higham is known as one of the best Rockabilly guitarist alive today – if not of all time. Walk through his rig including guitars, pedals and amps

Why Add True Bypass Loopers To Your Pedalboard?

add True Bypass Looper

Get better guitar tone but adding some true bypass loopers to simplify your signal chain and make your pedalboard more flexible.