Cheap vs Expensive Guitar Cables

Cheap vs Expensive Guitar Cables

Is there really a difference between a $3 instrument cable and a $20 dollar cable? Yes, there’s a massive difference, but it’s not what you think. Let’s explore cheap vs expensive guitar cables!




While all cables contain copper which conducts the signal along the length of the cable, not all copper is the same. If you have more or less copper in your cable, it will sound slightly different.


However, this tiny difference will sound massive to us guitarists as we’ll try multiple cables within the same setup. I used the word tiny because live or in a recorded track, it’s not going to be noticeable or give any major tonal advantage.




The jack plugs are the single biggest factor. If you have crappy molded jacks – especially in patch cables, then it will sound darker, they’ll break easier and might not last a gig.


Therefore, if you use end high solderless jacks with good quality cable, you’ll have better guitar tone and they’ll last longer.



DIY Cables

What I’m not saying is go and spend a small fortune on cable.


You should, however, dump any molded cables you have and learn to solder. If you do, then you can build some great cables from quality cable and jack plugs for little money.


For example, Neutrik Jacks are considered world class and are only a few dollars each. As for cable, Mogami guitar cable is the standard and again is only a few dollars per foot/meter.


Having great cables in your guitar rig enables you to focus on playing. And not on wondering if your gear will make it through the gig.


Plus if you’re happy to wait, you can usually pick up George L’s jack plugs off eBay for not that much and then buy a few meters of their cable and you’re good to go!



Cheap vs Expensive Guitar Cables

So what you think about cheap vs expensive guitar cables?

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