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Hi, I'm Ashley J. Saunders and I've self-published over 30 ebooks in the last few years. I've mainly written about how to play the guitar better, although I have released some music business eBooks and a few others.

If you've purchased one of my guitar eBooks, then thanks! I'm very grateful! And if you haven't, then please take a look around my website, as you'll see the entire collection of eBooks I've released. You can even peek inside before you buy!

In addition to details on my ebook range, I try to blog regularly. And this is probably the best place to start. You'll discover mini guitar lessons, tips and tricks, product reviews and so much more!

If you've read one of my eBooks and would like to book a Skype guitar lesson with me, then I have limited slots available.

Do you have a burning question about guitar playing or one of my eBooks? Then please do send me an email or talk to me over social media. I'd love to hear from you and be able to help you progress in your guitar playing.

ashley j saunders

Ashley J. Saunders

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