Guitar eBooks

I have written 24 really practical guitar eBooks as well as 2 FREE eBooks! All are easy to understand and can be applied to your guitar playing today. And you can purchase them for Amazon's Kindle, Kobo and Google Books.

The Basic Series is a great starting point, especially if you're a self-taught guitarist. You can purchase either a single topic focused ebook or the whole basic series collection.

When you've built a strong foundation, then move on to the Advanced Series. All of these eBooks are designed to enable you to develop your guitar playing quickly using advanced ideas. In addition to single ebooks, you can purchase the whole advanced collection.

The Complete Guitar Workout eBook is the compilation of all 20 ebooks from the basic and advanced series. In addition, I've also released an encyclopedia of scales, which is a handy eBook to have.

So, whether you need brush up on your guitar chords, dig deeper into The Blues or maybe you want to try a new style like Latin, then there is a guitar ebook for you!

If you're still unsure, then start with the free guitar eBooks, as both give you a taste of the full ebooks.

Whole Series eBooks

Basic Series eBooks

Advanced Series eBooks

Encyclopaedia eBook

Free Guitar eBooks