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About - Ashley J. Saunders

I remember my first guitar lesson, even though it was nearly 20 years ago! A group of us gather in the old school hall for guitar lessons with the head teacher after lunch on a Friday. Since then, I've been hooked on guitar.

When I was 18, like a lot of people, I packed up my guitars, pedals, amps and a few items of clothes and moved to London. This was a massive shock, as I had come from a small village, miles away from the nearest big city. I then spend a year at a music college called ICMP (or the Guitar Institute for who've been around a long time!).

For the 5 years after that, I play around 100 gigs a year, did some session work and taught a few people. They even let me on TV a few times! I know, quite shocking!

While I don't like to boast about my time as a London session musician, the highlights of my time here have to include playing Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, appearing on TV and writing for W-inds, one of Japan's biggest boy bands. Not bad for a shy kid from a small village!

Fast forward a few years, and I've slowed down the number of gigs played each year, yet have kept teaching and have also spent quite a bit of time writing some fantastic guitar eBooks. Well, I would say that, wouldn't I?!

I write about what I know, care about and have some interest in. As a musician, I have started writing books and ebooks to fill in some gaps for keen students who want to learn more.

Alongside the eBooks, I've tried and failed at many things but have learnt in the process to never give up, ever!

However, as this website is dedicated to my eBooks collection, I'll simply say, if you've purchased one of my eBooks, then thanks! I really mean it. I trust that what you read helped you in some way.

Whether you have or you haven't but have a guitar relation question, I'd be happy to answer it. Either on FaceBook or via email, so please get in touch if I can help.

ashley j saunders

Ashley J. Saunders

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