Let’s Celebrate My Blog’s First Birthday!

blog first birthday

It’s the blog first birthday, I’ve sent 2k+ tweets, written 100 blog posts. I’ve also failed a lot! Here’s 8 key lessons learnt as an ebooks publisher!

How To Improve Your Timing And Beat Placement

How To Improve Your Timing - Beat Placement

Did you know there are 3 different places you play in a beat? Here’s how to improve your timing using some exercises and exploring beat placement.

Get Lucky – Daft Punk Did

Get Lucky - Daft Punk

With over 100m plays only Spotify alone, Daft Punk really have got lucky! Get Lucky is the biggest and fastest selling song of 2013!

The Talent Myth

The Talent Myth

Let’s debunk The Talent Myth. Talent really is 80% hard work, 20% natural ability and luck. So, there’s loads that you can do to appear more “talented”!

20 Quick Fire Guitar Tips

20 Quick Fire Guitar Tips

If you’re looking for fast improvement in your guitar playing then try any of my 20 Quick Fire Guitar Tips. All are designed to boost your playing today.

How To Painlessly Improve Musicality

How To Improve Musicality

Musicality comes from understanding your note or chord choices. Taste comes what music you are listening to. Good musicality is vital to being a guitarist.

Do Artists Make Money From Streaming Services?

How Do Artists Make Money From Streaming Services

Streaming accounts for 13% of the total worldwide digital music sales. Let’s take a look at how artists make money from streaming services?

How To Practice Guitar With A Metronome: 5 Steps

How To Practice Guitar With A Metronome

If you want to improve your playing this year, then practice guitar with a metronome. It’s that simple! So work on your grove and timing and see results.

How To Restring A Guitar – 4 Step Plan

How To Restring A Guitar 4 steps

Struggle changing guitar strings? My 4 step plan will show you how to restring a guitar. It’s simple and easy to follow! Let’s get some fresh strings on!

Tim Pierce – Session Guitar Ace

tim pierce session guitarist

While the name Tim Pierce might not ring any bells. But I’m sure you’ve heard his guitar playing. Tim has played on over 1000 records over the last 30 years