20 Quick Fire Guitar Tips

20 Quick Fire Guitar Tips

If you’re looking for a way to see fast improvement today, try any of my 20 quick fire guitar tips! So grab your guitar and let’s get going!



1. Notes

Do you know where all the notes are on the fretboard?



2. Scales

There are over 4000 scales! Thankfully, you only need 12. My Essential Guitar Scales ebook covers all 12.



3. Chords

There are a massive 24 ways to play C major 7 chords on the guitar! You can easily expand your chord knowledge starting with my  Essential Guitar Chords eBook.



4. Rhythm and Timing

Are you spending time each day working on your timing and rhythm? Kick start your development with my Rhythm and Timing eBook. You only need to spend a few minutes each day to see a massive improvement.



5. Music Theory

Knowing why and how music works is really critical. So it’s worth investing time in learning about the building blocks of music. You can cover all the basics with my free music theory ebook. Trust me, this book is easy to understand!



6. Reading Music

You should be able to read music. Sight reading is optional.



7. Listening

Good input = good output. So, are you listening to great music?



8. Natural Tone

Does your unplugged tone sound like you hear it in your head?



9. Focus

However long you get for practice, learn to focus all your energy on practicing the guitar.



10. Mistakes

Make mistakes part of your musical history! Play a mistake, then you need to restart.



11. Practice vs. Playing

There’s a massive different between practicing and playing. Practice means to work on something you can’t do.



12. Daily Practice

Daily focus on practice is essential and it’s what separates the men from the boys.



13. Listen When Practicing

When practising, you are listening to what you working on?



14. Record Yourself

The recording never lies! It will show you every fault in your playing. So, start recording yourself today! You don’t need a fancy device, your phone will do.



15. Daily Challenge

Take a small amount of time each day to push yourself.



16. Set Goals

What do you want to achieve? By when? How? Why?



17. Patience

It will take some time to become good, you won’t be amazing overnight!



18. Local Jam

A good local jam will challenge you plus you’ll meet some great musicians. Get on social media and find some local jams to join.



19. Practice not Pedals..

…will cure 99% of your problems!




You don’t have to play all the time!

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