Exploring Jazz Guitar Basics

jazz guitar basics

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of information about Jazz. None of this is new, but it’s in one place. Let’s cover all the jazz guitar basics you need.

The Many Benefits of Teaching Guitar

benefits of teaching guitar

Teaching guitar is a great way to earn a living, grow as a musician and learn to think on your feet. You see there are many benefits of teaching guitar!

Is Music College Worth It?

Is Music College Worth It

Having been to one of the top music college in Europe, I get asked a lot if it’s was worth it. Read my unbiased answer to this question.

The Peavey Rockingham Story!

Peavey Rockingham

My Peavey Rockingham guitar is new for 2013 and has a really interesting story behind how it fell into my hands. It’s a great all round guitar. Try one!

4 Solo Guitar Christmas Songs

Getting in the spirit of Christmas, I’ve written out four well known tunes and arranged them for solo Guitar. I hope you enjoy these guitar christmas songs.

How To Quickly Learn New Guitar Chords

How To Quickly Learn New Guitar Chords

Want to quickly learn new guitar chords? I’ll help you to learn a new chord In 5 minutes flat! Try it and see your guitar skills sky rocket!

5 Minutes Guitar Practice Tips

5 Minutes Guitar Practice Tips

Can you see big results in your guitar playing if you have only 5 Minutes To Practice? The answer is Yes. But you need to plan, focus and set goals.

Understanding the Nashville Numbering System

Nashville Numbering System

If you don’t know what the Nashville Numbering System, then I’ll help you get your head around this powerful system. Incredibly useful for all guitarists

The Magic Bullet Question

Magic Bullet Question

I’m often asked “Will buying one of your guitar ebooks make me better”? I call this the magic bullet question. Discover the answer and more

The Best Way To Learn Styles Of Music

The Best Way To Learn Styles Of Music

Use my plan to quickly learn any styles of music and advance your guitar playing. Whether you want to learn jazz, blues or funk, you can learn today!