Understanding the Nashville Numbering System

Nashville Numbering System

If you don’t know what the Nashville Numbering System, I’ll help you understand this powerful system. Incredibly useful for all guitarists and musicians.

The Magic Bullet Question

Magic Bullet Question

I’m often asked “Will buying one of your guitar ebooks make me better”? I call this the magic bullet question. Discover the answer and more

The Best Way To Learn Styles Of Music

The Best Way To Learn Styles Of Music

Use my plan to quickly learn any styles of music and advance your guitar playing. Whether you want to learn jazz, blues or funk, you can learn today!

How Do Session Guitarists Practice?

How Do Session Guitarists Practice

If you’ve ever wondered how session guitarists practice then here’s a look at my routine. My week consists of teaching, gigs, sessions, practice and more.

Transcribing Basics For Guitarists

Transcribing Basics For Guitarist

Frustrated with the lack of progress but are practising your butt off? Then learn some transcribing basics and see your abilities skyrocket!

7 Killer Rhythm Guitar Tips

7 Killer Rhythm Guitar Tips

Everything comes back to Rhythm, whether you’re shredding, playing funk or just writing a folk song. Here are 7 killer rhythm guitar tips to help you grow.

How To Improve Fast On Guitar

how to improve fast on guitar

If you want to improve fast on guitar, then try this one simple tip. Trust me, it’s killer and is sure to help you advance your guitar skills today.

Band Dynamics: Silence vs. Playing

Band Dynamics Silence vs Playing

When playing with others, it’s vital to use band dynamics. Knowing when to play and when not can turn you from an average guitarist into a great player.

My One Goal When Teaching Guitar

My One Goal When Teaching Guitar

Regardless of whether you take my local or virtual guitar lessons or have one of my guitar ebooks. My one goal when teaching guitar is not what you think.

10 Unique Guitar Practice Ideas

Unique Guitar Practice Ideas

Want to practice but don’t have a guitar? Here are 10 unique guitar practice ideas which use a clock and are guaranteed to help you improve.