Allen Hinds Guitar Gear

allen hinds

I first discovered Allen Hinds thanks to Xotic years ago! See what guitar gear he’s using. You’ll also learn some tips on how you can sound like him.

Mateus Asato Guitar Gear

Mateus Asato

You may not know who Mateus Asato is, but he’s a power house guitarist and is currently touring with pop star Tori Kelly. Learn more about his guitar gear.

Darrel Higham Guitar Gear

Darrel Higham guitar gear

As one of the best Rockabilly guitarist alive today, Darrel Higham has a unique style. Here is an in-depth look at Darrel Higham guitar gear and some tone tips.

Discovering Norman Brown’s Guitar Gear

Norman Brown

If you want to know what gear Norman Brown is using, keep reading. From Guitars, to effects on his pedalboard to the different amps Norman uses.

Dominic Miller Guitar Gear

Dominic Miller guitar gear

Dominic Miller is known as Sting’s long time guitarist. He has some interesting guitar gear choices from guitars to pedals to amps.

Tom Bukovac – Session Guitar Ace

Tom Bukovac

Tom Bukovac is a hero of mine. You’ll shortly see why. Not only is Tom one of the most called session guitarist in Nashville, he’s a tasty player!

Tim Pierce – Session Guitar Ace

tim pierce session guitarist

While the name Tim Pierce might not ring any bells. But I’m sure you’ve heard his guitar playing. Tim has played on over 1000 records over the last 30 years

How Tommy Emmanuel Practices

tommy emmanuel practice

Learn exactly how Tommy Emmanuel practices guitar, including what he does and avoids. In another video Tommy introduces “his band” using a clever arrangement.