What Plectrum Should I Use?

What Plectrum Should I Use

With so many options of guitar picks available, you might wonder what plectrum should I use when playing guitar? I have a few tips to share on picking plectra!

7 Essential Guitar Accessories I Can’t Live Without

Essential Guitar Accessories

As a working musician, there are many items I can’t live without. But here are 7 essential guitar accessories that I always carry to all gigs and sessions.

How To Build A Pedalboard In 13 Steps

How To Build A Pedalboard

If you have ever wondered how to build a pedalboard from the ground up, then I’ll show you how professional guitarists and techs do it.

The $1k Dream Guitar Rig Challenge

Dream Guitar Rig Challenge

This is just a bit of fun but I’m going to build a new rig for a $1000. As a dream guitar rig, it’s not going to happen. Let’s see how far the money goes!

Cheap vs Expensive Guitar Cables

Cheap vs Expensive Guitar Cables

Discover whether there is really a difference between cheap vs expensive guitar cables? Great tone doesn’t have to cost the earth!

How Are Guitar Effects Pedals Priced?

how are guitar effects pedals priced

A question that I often wonder is how are guitar effects pedals priced. We’ll explore the different elements that are included in the recommended retail price.

What is the Best Overall Electric Guitar?

Best Overall Electric Guitar

The best guitar isn’t the most expensive, or the coolest, it might not even play the easiest. The best overall electric guitar is a unique to you!

Why Add True Bypass Loopers To Your Pedalboard?

add True Bypass Looper

Get better guitar tone but adding some true bypass loopers to simplify your signal chain and make your pedalboard more flexible.

How To Buy Guitars At Auction

How To Buy Guitars At Auction

About 3 times each year, I go to a specialist guitar auction. I’d thought it would be worth talking about how to buy guitars at auction.

How To Make Your Guitar Tone Better

How To Make Your Guitar Tone Better

We all search for better guitar tone, trying new pedals, a different signal chain, and more. Here are 5 simple and cheap ways to improve your tone today.