Free Music Theory eBook

This Free Music Theory eBook is an easy to understand [and short] guide to the basics of music theory. It's low on fluff and is mainly diagrams. Trust me, theory doesn't have to be hard! Did I mention, it's free?!


The Free Music Theory eBook is perfect for all musician who don't currently fully understand the basic music theory concepts but want or need too. It's also very useful if you want to brush up on your musical basics. And if you're a music teacher who has tried every possible way to explain what, how, and why of music theory, but the student still doesn't get it, then email them a copy of this book!

While it's easy to be scared of music theory, this free download will enable you to grasp the key concepts and solidify your understanding. We'll cover what harmony is. How and why scales exist. The link between scales and chords. Also, we'll discover how chords are built. None of these are difficult to understand or apply.

When you've read this eBook a few times and have started to apply the concepts, then it's worth purchasing my complete music theory eBook as this takes an in-depth look at the topic and will enable you to grow as a guitarist and musician.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the nuts and bolts of music
  • Understand key musical concepts
  • How to apply these new ideas

Who is this eBook aimed at?

If the very thought of music theory sends you to sleep, then this is the eBook for you! Trust me, it's easy to read and follow. Plus, it's FREE!

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