How to write a book: The formula!


I was challenged last week in my monthly session with my business mentor.


We were talking about selling books (as well as a lot of other related stuff) and the challenge he set me was to come up with a formula of how you write. You can’t change your natural style or where people connect with it. But you can work out a process of how to write a book.


In a previous post I outlined how I write. But what If I could turn this into a repeatable formula and crank out the ideas I have in my head?


Well over the next few weeks I will be putting together a formula and sharing it with you. I’ll also be cranking books out with the aid of this device. I promise that the formula I will share will not take the fun out of writing for you or that you’ll end up cranking out the same old, same old – or worse [mediocre books]. That’s not my deal.


When I do work it out, I hope it works for you!



PS. Last week, I wrote 3 books, this week I’m aiming for 4!  Am wondering about writing a book called “How to develop endless content: for Internet marketers or writers” – What do you think?

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