Joyo Vintage Phase JF-06 Pedal Review

Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase Guitar Pedal

The Joyo Vintage Phase Guitar JF-06 Pedal is a simple single knob phaser effect pedal. It’s reportedly based on the MXR Phase 90. There’s not much to the pedal, but boy does it sound good!


Designed to replicate that classic phaser sound, it’s ideal for adding depth to your guitar playing, both with clean and overdriven sounds. It’s also ideal for a faux rotary sound, especially with the rate control turned up.


You can use this true bypass Joyo pedal with a 9-volt battery or a DC power adapter.




You will have heard the iconic MXR Phase 90 on a ton of records, including The O’Jays’ song For The Love of Money, on countless Eddie Van Halen and David Gilmore records. As classic sounds go, you can’t beat the Phrase 90 sound!


Whether you buy the JOYO or Harley Benton (a Thomann re-brand), the Vintage Phase is a faithful reproduction of this classic pedal, just at a fraction of the usual price.


While many might see this as a subtle effect, the Joyo Vintage Phase goes from shallow swoosh to a faux vibe or fast Leslie cabinet-type sound.



Build Quality: 8/10

Overall, the pedal is fairly well built. The jack sockets are fixed to the case, not mounted to the PCB. By using this construction method, Joyo, has really thought about longevity.


However, the power socket isn’t fixed to the case and is instead PCB mounted. Thankfully, it’s at the top of the pedal making it easy to add to any pedalboard without needing a super long power cable.


The LED placement is a little weird as it’s to the left of the footswitch and not near the control. That said, it’s bright and I’m sure you won’t miss seeing whether it’s on or off – regardless of how dark the stage is.


`On the bottom, the battery compartment is easy to access and uses a plastic door. So, it’s easy to power the pedal using a 9-Volt battery, if you prefer.



Joyo vintage phase side

photo by Joyo



Controls and Features: 6/10

The first thing to mention, this pedal is true bypass which will ensure you have a cleaner signal path and that the phaser doesn’t color your tone when switched off.


In terms of control, we’ve only got a speed knob! Nothing else, and definitely no internal pot hiding inside! So, if you’re looking for a pedal with lots of controls, this isn’t for you.



Tones and Sounds: 7/10

With the speed of the Joyo Vintage Phase on low, you get a long swoosh sound that neatly sits underneath the guitar’s sound adding depth and an interesting movement. You can try this setting on clean or dirty guitar tones with equally impressive results.


Turning up the speed control creates a more pronounced phaser sound. With the control set at mid-day, you get that classic sound that’s usable for just about every song!


If you keep moving the speed up you start to get into faux uni-vibe sounds or even faux Leslie cabinet sounds.


Both types of sounds are really usable and could help you save pedalboard space as you only need one pedal to cover a lot of ground. Plus, who doesn’t want an orange pedal on their board?!



Joyo Phase Pedal angle

photo by Joyo



Overall: Joyo Vintage Phase Guitar Pedal

Rating: 8/10

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last few years, you’ll see that I really love this pedal. I’ve used it in sessions, video shoots, and on gigs.


A few years ago, I had, I believe a late 70s MXR Phase 90, which distorted fairly easily. I didn’t like it and therefore it stayed in the pedal draw and didn’t see much use.


This Joyo Vintage Phase, on the other hand, sounds great regardless of where the speed control is set and is highly usable. And so, I recommend this pedal!

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