The $1k Dream Guitar Rig Challenge

The $1k Dream Guitar Rig Challenge

I’d thought I would have a bit of fun and try to build a new dream guitar rig on a limited budget.  Of course, this is just for laughs but Read More

What Is The Best Electric Guitar Under $150?

best electric guitar under 150

While many of us think we have to invest in expensive gear in order to play well or sound good. Modern manufacturing means that cheap doesn’t always mean crap. Let’s Read More

Allen Hinds Guitar Gear

Allen Hinds

I’ve been following Allen Hinds for years having first discovering him through Xotic, almost 10 years ago! I love his playing and tone.   If you don’t know Allen, then Read More

5 Simple Tricks: Learn Songs Quicker

Learn Songs Quicker

If you’re like most guitarist you’ll end up getting called to play a function gig at short notice. This means you’ll have to learn 30 + new songs quickly, including Read More

Mateus Asato Guitar Gear

Mateus Asato

You might not know who Mateus Asato is or even singer/songwriter Tori Kelly, who he’s out on the road with but Pete Thorn recently said about him: “He could be Read More

Is there really a difference between cheap and expensive cables?


Is there really a difference between a $3 instrument cable and a $20 dollar cable?   Yes there’s massive difference, but it’s not what you think. While all cables contain Read More

How to read TAB

How to read TAB

If you don’t how to read TAB or even what TAB is, keep reading. It’ll change your life and guitar playing! I hope this will clear up how and what Read More

How are Guitar Effects Pedals Priced?

Guitar Effects Pedals Priced

A question that I often wonder is how are things priced. So I wanted to break down how I think guitar effect pedals are priced and why pricing might have Read More

What is the Best Overall Guitar?

Best Guitar Overall

The best overall guitar isn’t the most expensive, or the coolest, it might not even play the easiest. The best guitar is the one which keeps you playing, inspired and Read More

Darrel Higham Guitar Gear

Darrel Higham Guitar Gear

Darrel Higham is known as one of the best Rockabilly guitarist alive today – if not of all time. If you haven’t heard him, there’s loads out there and he’s Read More