Should I add a True Bypass Looper?

How to use a True Bypass Looper

If your like me, you’ll want to use quite a guitar effects pedals but keep your signal chain clean. You will also want to make it easy to locate bad Read More

How To Build A True Bypass Loop Pedal


If you’ve ever wanted to build a simple true bypass loop pedal then it’s not as hard as you think! We’ll also discover how to add tuner out and master Read More

Guitar Tunings [whole fretboard diagrams]

guitar tunings

 Can you write out all the popular guitar tunings in full?!   I’ve detailed in the past DADGAD, a tuning I still use from time to time. I also talked Read More

Guitar Setup Tips

guitar strings

Getting your guitar setup so that it’s in tune and playing well takes a lot of work. It’s something I know very little about, which is quite shocking really!   Read More

Free Transcribing Tools

How to read TAB

Transcribing is the art of being able to hear a song and then write the song/lick/idea it down in a form that any musician can read and play back. That’s Read More

How To Build A Pedalboard

How To Build A Pedalboard

A few months ago I wrote a piece on the 4 rules to build a better pedalboard.   I thought it would good to go over some of the geeky Read More

4 Step Guitar re-String Plan

how to string guitar

Here is my 4 step Guitar re-String Plan – it’s simple and easy to follow.  Enjoy!   Guitar re-String Step 1: Remove old strings Start by taking off the old Read More

4 Pedal Rules: Build A Better Guitar Pedalboard

pedalboard building tips

The most confusing thing in guitar playing is the order in which you place effect pedals. Which should go first? And which last? Stick with this and it will all Read More