How To Quickly Get More Gigs For Your Band

How To Get More Gigs For Your Band

Learning how to get more gigs for your band is a skill you can develop. So, if your diary is empty and you’re struggling to make enough money to pay rent, you’ll want to read this article.


Here are 10 ideas you can try today that will double the number of gigs your band books in the next 90 days. You might be doing some of these, but if you apply all 10, you’ll see an increase in the gigs that come your way.


After writing this post, I sat down and wrote an ebook about the topic: Get Your Band On Tour. Getting a copy just might be the best $1 you invest in yourself and your band!


Anyway, here’s how to get more gigs for your band.



#1 Treat Every Show Like Its An Audition For The Next Show

Your best calling card is your last gig. So go the extra mile, talk to as many people as possible, and sign plenty of t-shirts and CDs. People never forget how you treated them.



#2 Dress Appropriately For The Booking

If you’re doing function gigs, having and wearing a good suit will create the right impression. It’s ok to do the soundcheck in jeans and a t-shirt. Think about what the client wants for the actual gig and dress that way.



#3 Be on Time to Gigs and Rehearsals

I’m actually shocked at the amount of time I’ve wasted waiting for people to show up to rehearsals. Not to mention the time they take to set up when they get there.


If the rehearsal or soundcheck starts at 7:30 pm, then be ready and set up for that time. Don’t wait around unprepared.


Seriously, if you want to get more gigs for your band, sort your timing out, even if that means telling the drummer a slightly different time! (sorry for the cheap shot!).



Be on time Gigs Rehearsals



#4 Know Your Music Before You Get To Band Rehearsal

Another thing that annoys me is when someone is late to band practice is having to spend their time trying to learn the songs. Time to fire that guy!


If you’re playing covers, work on them at home and get your guitar tones together. So when you step into the rehearsal room, you’re ready to go.


The same can be said if you’re playing original material. Work on your parts, sounds, and arrangement at home. Doing so will allow you to maximize your band practice time.



#5 Learn To Read The Crowd

What’s the difference between a CD and a live band? A lot!


Every gig is an opportunity to engage with a crowd uniquely and leave them with a memorable experience. No one wants to hear the CD live. Sorry, but it’s true. However, people want a truly epic performance.


You can deliver a unique performance by adapting your setlist/arrangements to keep the crowd dancing and engaged. If they start to look bored, then cut the song short. However, if the crowd is dancing, add a chorus or two.


A great example of this is Jamiroquai. They often play the same setlist, but Jay will break down songs and play with their arrangements on the fly. Every performance is a unique and fun experience.



#6 ANSWER and RETURN Calls and Emails From Clients

Are you annoyed when you offer someone money, and they say nothing? Would you try and use that person again? Probably not!


Good communication isn’t easy. However, it’s essential if you want to get more gigs for your band.


Make sure you reply to every email, text, email, Whatapps, etc. If it’s a polite “thanks but we can’t,” that will help to build your reputation as a band.



Be Dependable when trying to get more gigs



#7 Be Dependable and a Man of your Word

If you promise someone that you’ll do something, try to the best of your ability to follow through. If you can’t, then at least have a good reason.


Being dependable and honest has nothing to do with talent but with character. While you might lack skills, you can still choose to have a strong character.



#8 Solve Problems (Don’t Create Them!)

Your band is there to solve a problem, whether that’s to entertain people, complete a lineup or help fill the venue.


You aren’t there to create some new ones! So turn up on time with the right gear, be nice and leave before anyone creates any new problems. Easy?!


#9 Be Easy And Fun To Work With

While this goes without saying, people enjoy working with others who are fun and easy. So, don’t forget this!



Encourage Other Performers



#10 Encourage And Talk To The Other Performers

At the start, it’s fun and completely nerve-racking to do gigs. So, encourage people, even if it’s really a stupid reason such as I like your guitar or that t-shirt is cool. Spread positivity and see your reputation increase.



That’s How To Get More Gigs For Your Band!

Do all these things and watch how fast your Value and Opportunities increase. Learning how to get more gigs for your band is easy. But, you need to apply these ideas consistently.


Most importantly, be fun and easy to work with! And don’t forget:


Your value is in your reputation. Invest in yourself.

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