Use A Metronome – This Year’s Best Tips!

Use a metronome.


It’s that simple. Really, if you want to improve massively this year work on your timing, work on your groove.  Work on make it sound even. A metronome can help.  But, don’t become a drum machine!


A few simple timing exercises:


One, make it feel great, not like an exercise. Exercises naturally sound boring and like you’re wanting to move on the next thing so you can get onto something fun.


Two, buy a Motown CD and write out the songs. Then pick one song, grab  a guitar and play the tune over and over again. Just play off beats. Make sure you get it right, each and every time and restart if you don’t. you’ll see your timing improve just by that.


Three, run through one of these songs just with a metronome. You, a guitar and the clicker of death! Ummm… well maybe not! The trick here it to hear the parts that are missing in your head like it was on the cd. Try it, it works.


This works on pop tunes as well, so get your “friends” Britney CD and do the same. Why pop music? Ah, both pop music and Motown are harmonically simple and therefore after a short time you will not be focusing on what you’re playing but does it sound good and how does it feel?


Five, try something different in the chord. How about long whole bar, maybe even holding the chords over the bar lines? This will provide a nice comparison to the off beats in the verse. Start this time with only the metronome then move to the CD when you have nailed it. Remember that’s the thing; focus on getting it together and really playing well.


So there you have it. Use a metronome, it will help you keep better time and feel, and make you easier to play with.

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