Get Started with Blues Guitar eBook

Get Started with Blues Guitar eBook is essential reading for any guitarist. Most players don't start with the Blues and if you haven't you're missing some of the building blocks of guitar-based music.

This blues guitar introduction eBook will guide you through the basics of the style including forms, chords, scales and much more.


Let's face it, everything we play on guitar has its roots in the blues. It's the one style that underpins what we do, not only as guitarists, but as musicians. Yet most guitarist today don't start here.

Trust me, I'm also included in this group. However, as an essential style, it's easy to learn and will enable you to develop your guitar playing faster.

Inside Get Started with Blues Guitar eBook, we'll discover the basics of the blues. Including chords, classic song forms and scales.

I'll help you to start soloing and explain how you can write your own licks. My method is quite different from what guitarists are usually taught. So if you struggle with soloing, you'll want to read this eBook as well.

Plus I'll give you some practise tips and tricks to enable you to progress quicker and become a better blues guitar player. Also, I've included a list of recommended listening to inspire and guide you.

If you're new to the guitar or the blues, then this is the best blues guitar introduction eBook to start with. Period!

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover common Blues forms
  • New guitar chords and scales
  • Basic soloing ideas

Who is this eBook aimed at?

This eBook is aimed at those who didn't grow up playing the blues and want to understand the fundamentals of blues guitar playing.

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