Complete Guitar Workout eBook

This is the ultimate guide for every Guitarist! Inside you'll discover the 10 eBooks which make up the Basic Guitar Series as well as the 10 eBooks which form the Advanced Guitar Series.

Simply put this one manual contains everything you'll need to develop yourself as a guitarist. This is the last learn to play guitar ebook you'll need.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to build a solid musical foundation
  • Explore multiple musical styles
  • Expand your chord knowledge
  • Discover your learning style
  • How to get killer tone


As the complete collection of all 20 ebooks, the Complete Guitar Workout eBook is the ultimate learn to play guitar ebook.

While you might have covered some of the material before, you will learn how to apply it in a different way.

The first half is made up of all 10 Basic Guitar Series ebooks.

You will learn how to build a solid foundation. And if you apply the framework in the correct way, you will be able to speed up your progress.

These first 10 chapters will teach you over 600 guitar chords and how they are constructed. This will enable you to build new chord voicings at will. You'll also improve your music theory knowledge including basic timing, scales and harmony.

The last few chapters in the first half cover a range of different musical styles like Latin, the Blues, and basic Jazz guitar.

Moving to the second half of the book.

These 10 eBooks are more advanced and will enable you to develop your guitar playing from basic to a good standard. You will cover how to move beyond the CAGED system. Build on your knowledge of the blues.

Explore advanced concepts like Triads, Jazz comping and how you learn. We'll even discuss how to find your own sound and how to make your guitar sound killer when you're not using your own amp.

So if you're ready to advance your guitar playing, the Complete Guitar Workout eBook should be your next purchase!

Who is this eBook aimed at?

This eBook is quite simply the only resource you'll need to grow as a guitarist and musician. You'll discover multiple musical styles, how to find your own sound as well as my framework to ensure that you have a solid foundation.

Meet Ashley J. Saunders

After starting drums aged 6, Ashley moved on to learning the guitar aged 10. Since then, he's played over 1,000 gigs and sessions, co-written for one of Japan's biggest boy bands, and taught 100 plus students. These ebooks distil Ashley's 20-plus years of guitar study. Learn more about Ashley.

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