Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar?

Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar

I recently was asked: “I’m 40, am I too old to learn guitar?”


My answer is actually quite simple. It’s never too late to the learn guitar. However, you have to commit.


In my over 10 years of teaching, I’ve had people of all ages and abilities come for guitar lessons. From 8-year-olds to those in their 60s. Only a few things separate those who progress quickly and those who don’t.



Practice not talent

Having some natural talent is a great start. However, it’s what you decide to do with it that’s important.


Sadly, there are no shortcuts, you have to practice. It’s the same if you’re 8 or 80! Seriously the harder you practice the better you’ll get.




If you’ve spent some time reading my blog, then you’ll see that I talk about listening a lot. It’s vital that you listen when you practice. Really listen to your time, tone and touch. When you play with others, listen is just as vital. Some of the best musicians say more with space than notes. That’s down to listening!


Also listening is about the kinds of music you play and how much attention you give to it. Try to analyse the chord pattern, song structure, guitar tone.


With each artist you like, try to find and listen to their influences.


The busier I get, the more I actively listen to music and try to sing along with it. This way I’m continually working on my development and expanding my ear.




I believe if you commit to taking regular lessons, properly practising between each guitar lessons, and gain some enjoyment from playing the guitar, then your age will have no effect on how quickly you learn!



You’re never too old to learn guitar. You just have to commit, work hard and surround yourself with great music! Go on, now’s the best time to learn guitar!

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