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[I didn’t plan this post and actually it’s a repost from Chuck Cannon‘s Facebook (FYI: he’s a top Nashville singer songwriter), but it really ties in with my last post.  I agree with it whole heartily and you, dearest read should think about what you can do to get your voice heard on this issue.]


If you’re here, in all likelihood you are a music lover.


Here is a quick look at PANDORA:


There were four co-writers on Lady Antebellum‘s 2011 Grammy winning song: “Need You Now“. This song pulled over 72,000,000 (seventy two million) listens on PANDORA. PANDORA paid out just over $5,900 for those listens. Let’s call it $6000 for the sake of simple arithmetic. $6,000/4 = $1500.


$1500 is what PANDORA paid each of those brilliant minds who came up with a product which garnered PANDORA over 72 million listens. This comes out to .000083 cents per listen.


PANDORA’S lawyers and lobbyists are busy right now, petitioning your representatives in Washington DC to LOWER their rate by 85%. In other words, what PANDORA wants to pay those writers is $225 each or a total of $900 for those 72 million listens.


TIM WESTERGREN is PANDORA’S CEO. Last year (2012) TIM WESTERGREN cashed in. He converted his PANDORA stock options to cash. LOTS of cash. Just over $9,900,000 (Nine point Nine MILLION dollars).


Last year PANDORA paid out a little over $7,500,000 in royalties.


That is nearly $2.5 Million LESS than he paid all the artists and songwriters COMBINED.


What TIM WESTERGREN over at PANDORA wants, and is paying enormous amounts of money to lawyers and lobbyists to get congress to agree to, is to have paid is just over $1 million.


If you think this is fair, you should subscribe to PANDORA. If you don’t think this is fair, you should not. If you are subscribed and you think this is unfair, you should cancel your subscription.


I am a professional songwriter. I have no way of negotiating my terms with PANDORA. I have to take whatever deal congress makes. My last check from PANDORA was $.0.26. Twenty Six whole cents.


I reckon that leaves me just a little short on being able to afford a lawyer and lobbyist.


If you love music, TIM WESTERGREN, CEO of PANDORA should hear from you. So should your representative in Washington.


Oh, and by the way, PANDORA pays well over 4.5 times what terrestrial radio pays.

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