4 Step Guitar re-String Plan

how to string guitar

Here is my 4 step Guitar re-String Plan – it’s simple and easy to follow.  Enjoy!   Guitar re-String Step 1: Remove old strings Start by taking off the old Read More

It’s all about DIY Music Success

…unless you’re the next Justin Beiber that is!! (There’s no hate here, really!)   According to recent news, for the first time in over a decade, the music business has Read More

Tim Pierce – A session ace

tim pierce

Tim Pierce is a legend of the music business. I’m sure if you haven’t heard his name before, you will have heard his guitar playing. From Bon Jovi, to Goo Read More

How Structured Should Practice Time Be?

Keeping up with our guitar practice series [read part 1: What Is Practice? And What Makes It Effective?], let’s have a look in some more detail at what we should Read More

How Tommy Emmanuel Practices

Tommy Emmanuel

If you have ever wondered how Tommy Emmanuel practices then you’ll be relieved to know he follows a really simple routine! He still practises the guitar as often as he Read More