Take Skype Guitar Lessons with Me!

If you've purchased one of my guitar eBooks and wish I could teach you guitar to face to face, then using skype, you can!

I have a limited amount of Skype guitar lessons available each week. However, they are now open to all and you can now book a slot!

We'll cover whatever you want to. Whether it's career advice from someone who's been there and done it, or an explanation of some of the concepts covered in my ebooks or a specific guitar lesson to work on some area or other. I'm here to help you reach your goals.

In addition to the guitar lesson, you will receive a PDF of any notes I've taken, including chords covered or pieces of music worked on within the next few days.

Skype Guitar Lessons with me are $50 per hour (payable by PayPal). You need to book and pay at least 2 weeks in advance . However, there are NO minimum lessons or requirements.

How To book:

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    1) What happens if I need to cancel?

    That's ok, you will need to me email at least 2 days before the lessons is due to take place or you will lose your right to a refund and may be charged for the session.

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    2) Can I change my session?

    I'm more than happy to rearrange yoru online guitar lesson. However, I need to know at least 2 days before the session or you will lose your right to a refund and may still be charged for the session.

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    3) What happens if Skype cuts out or freezes?

    Don't worry, if I freeze, then I'll more than likely need 5-10 minutes to get back up and running. I'll also add this time on to the end of the lesson, meaning you'll never miss out.

    However, If you freeze, I'll wait around for you up to 15 minutes and we'll carry on until the hour is complete. In most circumstances we'll complete the time, if we can't then and there - I'll email you to find a suitable solution.

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    4) You'll cover whatever I want to?

    Yes, I can help you with career advice, help you play guitar better or whatever you're struggling with. I'm happy to teach most styles (apart from metal or shred!), including country, jazz, pop, blues, soul etc.

    Also, I'm happy to help you apply one or more of my guitar ebooks.

    The best way to check if I can help you is to send me a quick email outline of what you would like to cover in our Skype guitar lesson. I will then respond with an honest answer, so that neither of us wastes time.

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    5) Will I get your full attention for the whole time?

    Unlike some teachers that I have met, when I'm teaching that's all I'm focused on. I give 100% and my sole focus is you, the student rather than on the phone or FaceBook or what I'm about to eat.

    Unless there's an emergency, I'll be watching you, helping you and encouraging you to reach your full potential.

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    6) What happens if I need more time or would like weekly lessons?

    If it looks like we won't get through all your questions, let me know before we end our time on the Skype call, so I can do my best to help you.

    If you want a more than one lesson, then I'm more than happy to book a regular slot for you to take Skype guitar lessons with me.

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    7) How do I know you're any good?

    The only way I can answer this is by saying that if you've have purchased one or more of my guitar eBooks you will have seen that I'm very advanced in my guitar playing.

    I also believe that I'm quite good at explaining complex music ideas in an easy to understand way without fluff. Also I write all the blog posts on this site myself, so you can see exactly how I teach by how I write and the examples I give.

    Over the last 10 years I've taught over 100 people to start playing a musical instrument. All showed some improvement even after one lesson with me. I have been able to shave years off some people's learning curve and help them raise their standard using proven methods.

    I've also written and played on tracks which have been released all over the world. As well as playing over a thousand gigs across the UK in the last decade. Plus I've studied with some of the finest teachers in the UK.

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