Only Have 5 Minutes To Practice?

Start Transcribing Today

If you are short of time and only have a tiny 5 Minutes To Practice guitar, then you’ll want to have a system for achieving results.  A system which produces Read More

Blurred Ideas of Guitar Practice

guitar practice

This is a question that baffles almost all and enables all of us (me included!) to waste time.   I often see people ask on forums, things like   “I Read More

Timing [Short Poem]

Rhythm and Timing

Timing is the sense of space between notes Space is the element that makes music easy to listen to Listening is Key You can never listen enough Both away from Read More

Practice What You Want To Be Able To Play

guitar practice

I constantly see people complaining, exclaiming and venting their frustration about learning scales all over the guitar’s neck. Practicing this exercise or that one, generally working hard on their guitar Read More

Tommy Emmanuel on Practicing

Tommy Emmanuel

If you have ever wondered how Tommy Emmanuel practices then you’ll be relieved to know he follows a really simple routine! He still practises the guitar as often as he Read More