Snare Drum Rhythm Execises in Odd Time eBook

If you have a solid foundation and are looking to take your drumming to the next level, then this ebook will help you to develop your timekeeping skills further.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover new time signatures
  • Improve your metronome feel
  • Build your confidence


If you have worked on your playing use my other snare drum eBook in this series and have improved your internal metronome then Snare Drum Rhythm Exercises in Odd time eBook will provide you with another challenge.

This drum reference ebook contains over 400 rhythm patterns presented in 4 different time signatures.

Each time signature is broken down into three sections. The first covers one bar phrases. Section two looks at 2 bar phrases. Lastly, the third section covers 4 bar phrases.

Master these exercises with a metronome and a snare drum. Then when you're confident, start to move each exercise around the whole drum kit.

As you should always try to expand your knowledge and drum playing abilities, this eBook provides you with challenging material. So, if you want to learn new time signatures, improve your feel and strengthen your inner metronome, then you should grab a copy of this eBook today.

Who is this eBook aimed at?

As you already have good timekeeping skills, this eBook will enable all drummers to try new ideas while locking in with the metronome.

Meet Ashley J. Saunders

After starting drums aged 6, Ashley moved on to learning the guitar aged 10. Since then, he's played over 1,000 gigs and sessions, co-written for one of Japan's biggest boy bands, and taught 100 plus students. These ebooks distil Ashley's 20-plus years of guitar study. Learn more about Ashley.

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