40 Quick Guitar Tips! #38: Rhythm drills

40 Quick Guitar Tips 38

If you have a smart phone you can give this a shot. All you need is a free metronome App. You might want headphones as well,depending on the space you’re in. What you want to do is to set the metronome fairly slow and then either clap, click or tap your leg (especially if you’re on a bus/train or somewhere you can’t be too noisy).


Start slow, by clapping (for example) on beat one – whole notes, then try two notes per bar, then work your way up to 16th notes.


Next you can try two bars of quarter notes, two bars of half notes, and repeat. You can try different pattern and phrases as well.


This will work on your ability to hold time, to feel the pulse, and help in your development of groove. It’s worth every minute. Remember good musicians only want to play with people with groove well and who have good time keeping skills.

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