40 Quick Guitar Tips! #25: Transcribe

40 Quick Guitar Tips 25

You might know what Transcribing is already. If you don’t know what transcribing is, it’s simply the art of hearing a piece of music and then being able to figure out what is being play. Sometimes it involves writing it down.


It’s a really useful skill to have and even if it’s does take some time to develop it. It’s a key skill, so developing your abilities is most certainly worth it.


Warning: It will be hard at the start and you might want to give up. Don’t, give it a go – it’s a skill, when learnt, can lead to big improvements in your guitar playing.


You should spend most of your time transcribing your favourite artists and guitar players. Then taking one or two ideas and apply them to your playing. You can never not transcribe enough! Hey, start now!

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