New books, changes and targets!

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First of all a pledge – I will write more, more often and it will be good! I have a contact – a former teacher – who blogs every day. Some posts are short, others are long. It’s great to read and he has lots of great stories from the days of travelling Europe as a guitarist. I’m not going to do that but I will try to write at least 3 times a week. It’s a challenge but it’ll be worth it!


Having talked with my mentor about better ways to sell and also come up with some new ideas (he sparked me into having lots of ideas without giving me any!). I am going to reclassify all my guitar books into two series. Basic and Advanced. I will still offer single books; none of the content will change; I won’t be offering version 2 or version 3 (but you will be able to buy the compilation of all the books in each series, if you want to).


The Basic series will be for those starting out or who have some experience playing and want to improve. I have lots planned for this series, including some “introduction to” style books.


The Advanced series will include topics such as advanced triad books, rhythms in odd time etc. I have lots of ideas, including a jazz chord system – watch this space!


I am also planning some great books on the business side of things – all short and to the point.


More on these soon!

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