I love winter. That’s a somewhat bold statement. But hear me out.


I love the winter; I’m not too keen on the cold, especially in the morning (when still in bed and I’m snug!) But I do enjoy watching the trees outside lose their leaves.


From my office, where I spend most of my time, I can see my front garden. This small but well trimmed (by yours truly!) area is surround by trees which have stood for years. They are about to lose their cover and create a wonderful pattern on the ground. Ready for children to pile up, for no reason other than they’re a scrunchy mass of leaves!


The sense of anticipation, that Christmas is just around the corner. So close, in fact most people (mainly the lady-folk!) have their daily count-down. It may only be 90 days (or so) to Christmas but still it’s worth its own mini celebration. Followed by tomorrow’s status update (yes it’s one day closer) and the happy feeling it’s sure to bring.


I also love winter because I can indulge in food, one of my other passions. You see it’s fine in winter to stock up on large bowls of soup and bulky jacket potatoes, filled with enough cheese to make a meal on their own. With mentioning the baked beans and ketchup.


That’s why I love the winter, and you should too!


Ps. snow is another love of mine.

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