Dyslexia Awareness Week UK

EducationMost of you reading this will be in the USA, but here in the UK it’s dyslexia awareness week this week. I understand you might be wondering why I am writing about dyslexia or why is it important to know that we are being made aware of it.
If I were a proper journalist or writer then I would run find some stats. As I’m not a pro, I won’t. But I believe it affects more of us than we would like to admit. In no way am I for a minute saying you should try to convince yourself you have it or go looking for signs. All I would say is that as with most medical conditions, our understanding on conditions has improved exponentially over the last decade or two.
My reason for writing is to encourage all out there. I believe I am dyslexic, hard to believe I know! But I have and do work around it. I make sure others check my work or that I nominate others to read things out in public (a tell tell sign of dyslexics).Just let this be a light to you. I make money from writing. You hopefully enjoy reading what I have written, and will continue to do so. If I can overcome, so can you!I know if you’ve read this, you have just as many ideas as me. All you need is will power to get started and keep on keeping on. Let me know what you’re working on!

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