Why we are all writers


Now I know what you’re thinking. I’m not a writer, I can’t write, won’t write. Usually I have nothing to write about as well. All sorts of excuses.


But you probably have a passion, a hobby, dare I say it: an obsession! I dared! So what does that have to do with writing? A lot!


You see I don’t consider myself a writer by any stretch of the imagination. But I am really passionate about my subject and teaching others about it. Of course I do have a secret weapon. My editor! She’s great and gets me to explain concepts which I haven’t communicated well in writing and puts that right!


So what’s that got to do with me? Well you should write a book about something you’re passionate about. Simple. It doesn’t have to be long; some of my short books are around 20 pages of content. They’re short, concise and focus the reader on a small topic which is explored in detail.


So the next excuse I hear is I have a topic but don’t know where to start. Now like most people I wish I could give you the starting place. Sorry I can’t, you’ll have to write a list of what you would include in your book, or chapter titles. When you have these, then you are more able to research.


Now that’s a book within itself, research. Well kind of. You can search the web by entering search terms into Google (or Bing or whatever you use). Copy and paste all that you get, write down ideas that pop into your head. The more information you can get down and on the page the better.


All you then need to do is to find a way to put it into an easy to read and understand format – all that you know plus your research. Easy? Of course not!


Now like I said I’m not a natural writer, so how do I get my ideas on the page? I write down the hundred and one ideas I have, even if they are bad ideas (we all have those days, right?) Then I research and write. I may only write for an hour or two an evening or day depending on my to-dos and the items ticked off. But I commit to doing enough small blocks until it is done, finished or as far as I can get with it.


When I have quite literally exhausted my ideas, willpower, and brain power, I show it to my editor as a first draft and she edits it with me in the room, encouraging me to rewrite or explain the ideas better.


That’s my process. What’s yours?

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