Which guitar should I buy for a beginner?

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As I do more teaching, I’ve been asked – “Which guitar should I buy for a beginner?


Buying a beginner guitar or even your first guitar doesn’t have to be a hard choice. I always recommend buying a Squire Stratocaster Set or a similar package.  In addition to the guitar, amp, cable, the package will including a tuner, picks, strap etc.


While this might seem like bad advice, I don’t think you should spend a small fortune on a guitar, pedals and amps until you’ve had a few lessons. After a few lessons, you’ll see whether you’ve enjoyed learning guitar and if you want to continue. If you’ve learn the basics and love playing then start to invest in guitar gear.


Another point about the Squire beginner guitar package and most other sets is out of the box there not bad – not great but a lot better than when I started nearly 20 years ago.


Two things I always recommend if you’re buying a package. The first is, buy a decent cable. The one included in the package has moulded ends, which are rubbish and easily broken. A good jack to jack cable will only cost you a few dollars/pounds and is worth the money. The other I recommend is look at how high the strings are from the fretboard. This is called the action. Having a lower action makes the guitar easier to play. I’ve written about guitar action and setup before.

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