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guitar gear video shoot

So, it’s been a long time since I wrote the first piece on the video shoot. There really is only one reason why – Editing! It took over four weeks to edit and get the cut right. In reality it took a day of editing but scheduling busy people means the time-line was expanded more than we’d anticipated and also meant we edited the footage bit by bit.


The video is at the end for those of you who want to skip to the final thing.


What I learnt was quite simple.



Spares, Spares, Spares

Always carry spares including lots of jack to jack cables. I ended up using about 6 of them: three for me, two to hook the keys player into the PA, one for the bass player as a DI from the bass guitar amp to the PA.


As we were using a click track for some of it, carrying extra sets of in-ears was a must and save us from having to run out and get some. It’s often the little things that over looked that could cause the shoot to run over.




A bonus was bagging some friends for the filming to run cables, get guitars, help with lights, fashion and just do jobs that needed to be done, especially the early morning coffee run! This was really handy and I’m grateful to the people who helped out.



Sleep well before

On a practical note, we spend about 8 hours in total that day and filmed way more than made the cut, and so having a great (and early) night’s sleep was essential, as was a big breakfast on the morning. What I should have done is pack some sweets and/or chocolate to share, and to keep everyone’s energy up. I didn’t but we all where lagging by the end! (on top I had to go judge a talent competition that night – long ass 14 hour day!)



Guitar Gear

On guitar gear, here’s a few photos of my rehearsal room (aka my living room).

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera


I discovered during the preparation: That I really dig George L’s cables/plugs. They’re really easy to make, unbreakable and to me, they last longer than the tradition leads I’ve built. I’ve had George L’s cables for over 10 years and never had a problem with them – sure they’re expensive but worth it. I like them so much that I’m going to convert to just George L’s cables on the gigging rig and buy 2 – 10 foot cables for running from guitar to pedal board and from the pedal board to the amp.


Another interesting thing, I’ve brought both a JOYO phaser and an JOYO overdrive pedal this year. I didn’t try the overdrive, but I did use the phaser and it was quite interesting what happened.


We filmed a Lady Gaga tune and true to form, there’s no guitar on it. So the challenge is to fine a sound which doesn’t sound guitar like but sound more like a synth. I started using the route 66 pedal (both side engaged!) and the rat pedal. It’s not that synthy I know but still sounded cool!


Next up I used a bit of delay (100ms, one repeat, just audible), it’s you’re classic county slap back kind of sound.


I then, though what the hell, let’s have some fun with the phaser. Tried it at the front of the chain – as i was using a load of gain – it didn’t change anything. Darn it! I then tried it instead of my booster (which is post gain but pre volume pedal). That sounded really synthy, even just with power chords! The rate knob at 12! Really great tone – simple.


As we were filming, I could change out pedals – whilst I can’t do this on a normal gig and I now have a problem, as it now kinda needs to be on the pedal board. Another bonus of filming was I could adjust pedals and amp settings to get the right sound for that song.



The final cut

That’s all I’ve got to say about it! Here’s the final video from the Video Shoot:

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