Tom Bukovac

Tom Bukovac

Tom Bukovac has to be a hero of mine. You’ll shortly see why. Not only is Tom one of the most called session guitarist in Nashville, he’s tasty in everything that he plays. Just to highlight a few things he’s done over the years: everyone from Keith Urban, to Carrie Underwood,  to Vince Gill, to Sheryl Crow! He has nearly 600 credits on All Music!



Tom Bukovac’s Gear


Tom has been known to use a number of different guitars from the modern Dusenberg guitars to vintage 1960 Gibson Blonde ES-335 and Gibson Les Paul. There’s a few videos of him demoing high-end stratocasters.



His everyday pedalboard looks a lot like:

Tom Bukovac pedalboard

It seems that Tom is running a clean boost [the RC] first, next is what looks like a Crybay wah, next is a few overdrive pedals like the Nobels [a Nashville favourite] and a rehoused z-vex Box of Rock [a really cool distortion and boost]. Finishing the gain based pedals is a Volume and a Boss GE-7 Equalizer [A pedal we should all own!].


Up next is a Ehx Pog, Ehx Memory Man with Hazarai [which Tom swears by] and a modified boss tremolo. The pedalboard is completed by a Boss GE-7 EQ Pedal [which keeps cropping up on more and more pro boards – including Tim Pierce and Kenny Greenberg] with an additional control pedal [next to the wah].


Tom’s board covers everything that I can imagine he gets called to play/wants to have on quick recall.



With amps Tom has used everything from a rack with 3 or 4 amp heads in, feeding a cab in another room to using a Fender 15 watt all tube Princeton combo – used with a 2 x 12 cab.




Now for some videos of Tom playing! Enjoy the magic!




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