The Art Of Slowly

Best Guitar Overall

The number one problem I see in teaching guitar is very simple to correct, yet most don’t take the time to solve this one small issue. Trust me when I say, fix this and you’re playing will sky rocket.



The problem is this: a mistake occurs and the student replays the exercise at an even faster pace!


The mistake is not corrected, they don’t try the bar again nor do they try slowing down! Madness!! What should happen is this, they should have started off really slow in the first place and then build confidence from there slowly increasing the tempo, watching for mistakes and actually listening.


Taking the time to slow it down and work on getting it perfect at say 40 BPM (beats per minute) will mean you will have to fight against your natural urges to speed up because you think can can. It will also take persistence and motivation. Speeding up is easy when your fingers and brain know where they are going, but getting to that point takes some work.


When you next come to practice, think slowly, think 40 BPM – get that metronome out and set it as slow as it will go. Mistakes will still happen but you can work to make them less likely!


Go on, practice correctly!

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