The A to Z of Guitar Playing

guitar practice

Some facts, some (bad) jokes and a few weird answers!


AA – The chord of stadium rock!
BBlues – the place where it all started
CChords – There’s a million of them (well not quite!) From triads to 13th chords, to chords built in 4ths and then there’s inversions.
DDistortion – the secret we use to hide the mistakes!
EE is usually the first chord you learnt
FFX – the colour we add to make it sound great
GGuitar! The item we all love!
HHarmonics – 4 different types of harmonics exist: pinch (when you dig the pick into the string), natural (rest a finger over the 12 fret) and harp (when you fret a note and then lightly touch the same string 12 frets up and pluck)  and tap (you fret a note with the left hand and tap the string 12 frets up)
II – This represents The first chord in the Scale in Nashville numbers. This numbering system means music can be easily transposed and can be learnt in all keys quickly. It’s useful to know for all styles not just for country.
JJazz – The style where all 12 notes can be used and still sound right even if they’re wrong!
KKeyboards – the bane of guitarist! However there is much to learn from how they conceptualize and play music
LLearning – you should always been learning something new.
MMetronome – a small device which helps you keep good time
NNoise – It’s the one thing we should work on getting rid of, whether you have noise because of a dodgy pedal or cable (which means it needs to be changed out and fixed) or because of bad technique (this means you’re not muting correctly and will take some time to fix)
OOther – to get good you need to get out of the bedroom and play with others
PPicks – the only thing you’ll find in every guitarist wallet!
QQue – The place where you’re meant to start playing
RRecord – recording yourself is a must. It’s the easiest way to make improvements and hear the difference.
SSolo – the things you play in between the singing!
TTone – there’s no such thing as Bad Tone – only bad timing!
UU – The only person in the band who is NOT replaceable!
VVibrato – the effect you get when you move the tremolo arm on a guitar (yes – they named it wrong!)
WWah – The pedal which sounds funky no matter what!
XEx’s – The person who gives you the most inspiration when song writing!
YY cable – Used for those times you really want to irritate the singer by running two amps at once!
ZZZ Top – One of the greatest rock bands ever!

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