Never Stop Thinking, Learning or Asking

It probably will not surprise you to learn to that I meet, talk with and interact with interesting people.  The last few weeks has been pretty insightful, to say the least. Why?


I look for people in life who will challenge me about deep issues and cause me to think. The last week or so has done this in great measure. So day I wanted to share a few insights with you.


The first insight I’ll give you is this: its healthy to disagree.


What I mean, is it ok to have a different view, opinion or stance on an issue. Too often, we are told that we shouldn’t question the boss or the person at the top and that a different view from there’s actually is wrong and your being misled. If you understand what I mean by that, then you’ll know that it’s a cultish behaviour in action. Cults seek to brainwash, manipulate and rally people together in order than the central person’s mission is carried out to the letter with no disagreement.


As cult behaviour is an interest of mine, I’ll keep it simply at that and not give any examples, I wouldn’t want you bored! What I will say is it is a pretty childish attribute to always seek agreement or the “party line” (to use a politically phrase –sorry!), just like it is childish to lose friendship because you don’t agree.


The next time you don’t agree, seek out more information on that subject, ask more questions of that person. Seek to understand their point of view, reasoning behind their position. The more you can learn the more wisdom you’ll have. The brain expands to hold the information you place in it. Much like an expanding sponge, apart from this one doesn’t ever get to wet. You see your brain will grow and have more space, the more you learn.


Insight 3; You’ll keep getting the same test/lesson in life until you either figure out how to overcome or you learn the lesson and apply it to your life.


That is a truism, albeit a hard one to learn and swallow. If you see yourself in difficult water and the situation looks similar to one you have experienced before, then you haven’t past the test or learnt the lesson.


Its important to question, seek out and learn. If all you do is get information from the idiot box (aka the TV), then you question how you use your time. Life is for learning, grow and knowledge.

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