Never Lose Your Dreams

You may call them dreams, they could be called goals and others might be focusing on their aims or objectives. Another way to put it is that some of you will have ambition.


However you define it, they all mean one thing: You’re trying to reach something.



While that will sound plain and simple, if you’ve tried and failed even just once, you’ll know it can be tough to reach proper goals.



For the observant of you, you’ll notice the word proper. Proper goals will stretch you and will be hard to reach – they will not be easy wins.



So why do we have dreams/goals/ambitions?

Dreams are either used as a way to escape reality for short while or a way to imagine what the future might look like.


While the first can help you to temporarily rid yourself of pain or despair. The second should spur you into action. You dream in order to foresee the future then, goals should be set around the steps you will take to get to that dream accomplished, so you can move onto the next big dream you have.



While that makes a nice paragraph and should not be anything new, it’s likely when the rubber hits the road, that there will be bumps along the way. In actual fact, it could seem uphill all the way – with nothing making any sense.



Never lose your dreams

You should never lose your goals, dreams or your sense of ambition.


There are sure fire ways to lose it and for it to be gone quickly! Firstly, watching too much TV that’s based around how the “average” person lives. This type of programming will make you size down your dreams or goals. You’ll want to be like everyone else. You’ve not average – go for BIG, go after being stretched – challenged – changed. Go for odd!


Likewise, being around people who are stuck in the average mind set (usually from watching too much TV!), will drag you down and belittle your gifts, talents and skills. There are a lot of people out there who will never think beyond their current (and often: small) problems and won’t set goals. Hanging around will these sorts of people too often will make you rethink how big you’re thinking – you shouldn’t.


Listening to how the world wants you to live. People will want you married, mortgaged with children and a “good” job. Like I’ve said before, the age of the job is over and it’s best to strike out on your own and work like crazy to get something off the ground and working.



Read about your heroes

If you took some time to read up on your heroes, I’m confident that none of them have taken a traditional route in life.


Actually that’s how to keep on going. How to never lose your dreams. Seriously, the best way to keep inspired is to read or watch people who have done what you’re trying to do. Surround yourself with this material; make it part of your day. It will inspire you and push you harder. That way you’ll achieve more and are less likely to notice the bumps along the road.


Another way to keep on going, is to surround yourself with successful people who can help you, support you and make you have fun whilst the hard time ensue. Pick people who say harsh words with a smile, in a way which builds you up and doesn’t discourage you.


When the dream starts to fade – you need to write it down, study what you wrote, repeat it and repeat – show the people around who are travelling the journey with you, so they might encourage you on the path, and so they can hold you to account.


Dream, dream big and don’t let the bumps in the road defeat you.

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