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This is a new thing for me, as one of my real life students, mentioned one of my blog posts in a lesson (always a great way to get more kudus and the quickest way to an easy lesson!). He’d read the post where I described the different types of players, everyone from Mr Session to Mr Artist and all the other types in between. He said he enjoyed the article (me so happy!) but didn’t see himself in any of the player types that I talked about.


He exclaimed! “What about me! Umm, Mr Hobby?!”


“You know the guy (or girl) who does it for funny, enjoyment or just to relax. What about that guy?!”


He, of course has a great point. So for once, I’m listening to you dear readers! Or should that be dear student.


Now Mr Hobby does it for reasons other than to make money or pick up chicks! He does for enjoyment, for pleasure, to enable him to have something to get home to, in order to relax after really hard day at the office.


Even through most guitarist would dismiss or even laugh off Mr Hobby, you shouldn’t. We should all have something we gain pleasure from, that we use to relax or an activity we do just to gain another skill. If your aim is to have a Hobby than good on you, enjoy it! So let’s raise a glass to Mr Hobby and the hours he puts in alone usually in his bedroom!


If you’re Mr or Mrs Hobby, then you just might want to consider trying to play an open mic night now and again to boost your confidence and to meet some really cool people!! Just a tip!

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