I Love the Underdog!

I have talked about this story before, but I love the underdog who eventually makes it big time…the sense that they’ve got one over on the world, life and the muttering idiots.


Amanda Hocking is the person who instantly springs to my mind.


If you don’t know her, check her out. In brief:


She has always loved writing, and spent much time reading as a child. She knew she wanted to be a published author and so she did the traditional thing. She wrote plot outlines and sent them off, as well as writing the whole story (just in case they wanted it!).


She got refused time and time again (hundreds of times in fact). She would often give up,  go back to her day job (in a care home) and promise not to write again.


She found out about the Kindle platform and could see it was going to be big. So she published her books there. Within 2 years, she had sold over 2 million copies and got multiple offers from the big boys (who just weren’t interested at the start). She signed a deal for over $4 million and has now reached her goal! She still blogs and is very socially interactive online.


Moral of the story? If you have a dream or goal, there are a few different ways up the mountain.

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