How To Get More Gigs

Here are 10 simple ways to get more gigs as a guitarist and musician.  You might be doing some of these but if you apply all 10, you’ll see the amount of work you get increase.


  1. Treat every show like its an Audition for the next show
  2. Dress appropriately for the booking
  3. Be on time to Gigs and Rehearsals
  4. Know your music before you get to Band Rehearsal
  5. Learn to read the crowd adapt your set list/arrangements to keep them dancing and engaged
  6. ANSWER and RETURN Calls and E-mails from Clients
  7. Be Dependable and a Man of your Word
  8. Solve problems (don’t create them!)
  9. Be easy and fun to work with
  10. Encourage and talk to the other performers (create a Great first impression)


Do all these things and watch how Fast your Value and Opportunities increase.



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