How To Get More Gigs As A Guitarist

Just some more tips to help you get more gigs as a guitarist. A few weeks back I covered how to get more gigs for you band but this one is for you!


– Learn to play what the song needs not what your ego wants to.


– Learn the importance of not playing.


– Understand the role of dynamics in music.


– Become a team player, keep you ego in check and remember who you’re working for.


– Have a rig you can plug-in and play quickly and easily. This saves time and effort.


– Learn percussion and some basic keys or even take some singing lessons. This will help you get gigs where a band needs extra members for live gigs, but don’t just want a guitarist.


Really learn the tunes. Know the songs inside out, make it seem that you’ve been playing them for years and year (even if you haven’t).


– Practice playing rhythm guitar more than solos. Every artist needs a solid guitarist with great time feel.


– Buy and Learn acoustic guitar. It’s different from electric but you’ll end up playing lots of cool, smaller gigs.


– Be easy to work with and on time (well, be early!).


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