Guitar Tunings [whole fretboard diagrams]

guitar tunings

 Can you write out all the popular guitar tunings in full?!


I’ve detailed in the past DADGAD, a tuning I still use from time to time. I also talked about EADEBE which is a Nick Drake tuning – which sounds cool.


This is a small collection of many popular guitar tunings laid out across the fretboard. Each is super large and you can click on the image for the full super large size! If I’ve missed a tuning or have a question, please leave a comment and I’ll update this post!


Blank whole fretboard

If you don’t see your favourite or desired tuning, use this to write it out. I’ve added an A4 printer ready page of blanks [6 per page] on the resources section.

Blank [whole guitar fretboard]



Guitar Tuning: Standard – EADGBE

EADGBE [whole guitar fretboard]

Guitar Tuning: DADGAD

DADGAD [complete guitar fretboard neck]



Guitar Tuning: EADEBE

EADEBE [complete guitar fretboard neck]



Guitar Tuning: Open G – DGDGBD

Open G - DGDGBD [whole guitar fretboard]

Guitar Tuning: Open E – EBEG♯BE

Open E - EBEG#BE whole guitar fretboard



Guitar Tuning: Open D – DADF♯AD

Open D - DADF#AD [whole guitar fretboard]

Guitar Tuning: Open A – EAC♯EAE

Open A - EAC#EAE [whole guitar fretboard]

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