5 Free kindle metronomes [plus reviews]

5 Free kindle metronomes

Here is a list of metronomes you can get using the kindle app store and all are free.

I’ll be reviewed them on four areas: Ease of use, sound, features and how it compares to the Korg MA-30 [this is my metronome of choice for the last 5 years+ and so I know how to use it, it’s features and what it can really do].



1. Creative Metronome [AmparoSoft]

Creative metronome [AmparoSoft]


Ease of use

Simple to use but does have four different menus. The first is the metronome, the second is presets, the third is settings and the fourth is a support tab [which is blank!]



Range of sounds [6 different sets]. The accent sound is different from the normal one. On full volume is really loud!



Tap tempo button, Tempo slider, Accent selector, +/- 10 tempo buttons.


Korg MA-30 comparison

This one is most like the MA-30.


Overall: Creative Metronome [AmparoSoft]

Easy to use and understand, but some of the really useful functions are hidden in the menus. Also I didn’t like that some of the presets changed the animation from a standard piano metronome to a radar [it’s easy to change it back but it’s two menus away plus you’d have to change it every time]. The presets are great but in the free version drop the sound out after the first two bars. The only one that doesn’t is the first preset [called simple metronome]. The -/+10 buttons are really cool and enable you to be able to change the tempo slightly without too much effort. And you can change the beat value and whether or not it’s accented just by clicking on the beat, great feature! Overall, this is my favourite.



2. Tap Metronome [Batalsoft]

Tap metronome [Batalsoft]

Ease of use

Hard to use, but all the options are right in front of you.



Five different sound sets: from the classic tick, to a snare sound.



Tap tempo button, Tempo up/down buttons, tempo slider, Start/stop button. Mute, BPM read out, Animation and Vibrate.


Korg MA-30 comparison

A lot of the features on the MA-30 are missing like the different note values. However you can chose where you place the accents.


Overall: Tap Metronome [Batalsoft]

This is by far the simplest I’ve looked at, not counting the flash metronome.  A nice feature is the ability to change how the beat is played: you can choose from Accent, Normal or Silence. Its ok but I would rather chose the creative.



3. Audio Visual Metronome [Ian Meredith]

Audio Visual Metronome

Ease of use

This has to be my second favourite. Firstly its easy to use, displays the information in two ways and has all the options you’d might need but are not necessary just one click away.



Only one set of sounds, its beeps which is slightly annoying! Hey, I’m used to ticks – so it would be!



Start/stop button, Tempo read out, Beat read out, Tap tempo button and tempo slider.


Korg MA-30 comparison

Much simpler than the MA-30 but the functions you need are right in front of you and easy to get to.


Overall: Audio Visual Metronome [Ian Meredith]

So this gets a good thumbs up from me. What I like is the screen is split into the beats in the bar [this changes depending on the amount of beats you have]. I love that as you move the tempo slider, you get a read out of the classical tempo ranges – sure its abit old school but its different and cool!I don’t like, well not a lot really, I can’t seem to get the “feature manager” to load, but it could be a paid section only, and I don’t the fact that 6/8 time is incorrect. It just count out six eighth notes and not two sets of eighth note triplets like it should be. Other than those two issues, it’s a clever reinvention of a classic!



4. ZyMi Metronome [ZybNet]

ZyMi Metronome

Ease of use

Simple, its all right there.



Just one simple tick sound



Tempo -/+, Tempo slider, Tempo read out and on/off button


Korg MA-30 comparison

Doesn’t really hold a candle to the MA-30.


Overall: ZyMi Metronome [ZybNet]

It’s really simple. But a lot of the features I’d want just aren’t there. It’s on par with the flash. Sorry to say that!



5. Flash Metronome [GMLG Studios]

Flash Metronome

Ease of use

The simplest of the whole lot. You tap the tempo in and it continues to flash after the first couple of taps. There’s not much else too it, other than being able to set the amount of beats in the bar.



Well, its does what it says… so no sound, but the white and grey flashes are, ummm nice to watch?!



Start/stop button. Tempo up/down buttons and change beats in bar tab. On the paid version you can select different flash colours!


Korg MA-30 comparison

Like the MA-30, It has a heavy beat one [which gives an indication of where the one is in a noticeable way]. That’s the only similarity.


Overall: Flash Metronome [GMLG Studios]

My least favourite. Its too simple for me as I like to be able to change the value of the beats in each bar as well as the amount.




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