Education vs School


Education is a lifelong process and does not put limits on people. It’s open ended and continually exposes you to new dimensions.Schools, In my opinion are the opposite [and should be banned]. Yes, I’m pretty black and white.


Schools aim at pushing you through a system so that boxes can be ticked and their model conformed to. School is about forming you for the work place – you’re never in control, you have to follow the system and the person at the top is right. Even to the point where you hear school kids talking about their only options for life after school as university or work for an employer. Anything else – like being your own boss – is not considered possible, because it does not fit ‘the’ model.


So many teachers tell their pupils that they are destined to fail and not do anything of worth. They just don’t seem to see the potential in young people who do not conform to their ‘cookie-cutter model’. It’s just so irritating when the students don’t want to play the game.Do schools prepare kids for real life when they ban words like ‘fail’ in favour of ‘working towards passing’? Does real life offer you another chance at the same job when you ‘failed’ the interview?Does going to university offer you better prospects or merely mask true unemployment figures for longer?


Shouldn’t schooling prepare you for life (rather than satisfy government requirements)? The number one problem (according to employers) is the lack of life skills in teenagers. A bit of common sense, budgeting skills and ‘know how’ about social interaction.


Maybe Maths A’Level taught you to do simultaneous equations, but can you work out how not to go into debt?


School students should learn based on what they are hoping to achieve. Why make subjects compulsory that pupils hate and can see no use for in later life? Why not allow people to focus on what they love? If it’s music, then why can’t they do music lessons most of the day, learn all about how the music business works and how to create an income from it, rather than having to learn wood working (which may not rock their boat!).


By the grace of God I got through school and came out the other side – but it was a pretty rough road!! (Being dyslexic and non-conformist probably didn’t help!)…I’m glad to say something within me has always believed I can make something of my life, and my former aversion to books has mysteriously changed into an insatiable desire to learn.


In the last 3 years I must have read over 150 books as I have discovered that some things are really interesting and it’s worth reclaiming those lost years. What would have happened if school had helped me out in the first place? I would be a long way ahead in my long-term plans. I don’t blame anyone other than myself for my lack of progress or my lot in life, but it would have helped a lot if I had seen what my strengths and weaknesses were so I could build on the positives.


It’s a tough old world, so the more we do in school to prepare people for that, the better!

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