Changing Guitar = Starting Again

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

I recently went back to my Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop from my Gretsch Duo Jet.


Why Did I Go Back?

I was reading on Dominic Miller’s site that he keeps changing the main guitar he uses as it makes him feel like a new player all over again. He’s played a Strat, Les Paul and Tele all while playing with Sting. He’s a master so no matter which guitar he plays – it sounds killer!


I agree with Dominic, each guitar feels differently and has a unique sound. It takes time to uncover the unique sound of each guitar, find its voice and learn how to play it properly – in order to make it sing!


I wanted to start playing some of the guitar’s I have, as it’s no good having them under the bed when they sound so great when being played. It’s seems like madness to have a few (6 – thankfully I’m not married or I’d have to declare a smaller number!) and only play one.



So I Changed ….

I restrung both my Goldtop which hadn’t been played for over a year and my Duo Jet, which I’ve been playing exclusively for at least a year. So, I now have two kick arse guitar to pick from, however I’ve only actually picked up the Goldtop.


I love how I could bend notes – even slightly with the Bigsby on the duo jet. And that there was no tone control but a tone switch. Yet, I was struck by the simplicity of the Goldtop.


With both guitars, most people believe that they are rock guitar and are therefore unable to cater to other styles. It’s not the truth, I love playing soul music using both of them and of course jazz guitar! Sure, they do cover that balls to the wall sound – but also so much more ground.



The Change Threw Me!

As I hadn’t heard the voice of the goldtop for so long that it felt like a new guitar, I had to go and re-learn how to bend, checking that I did get to the correct pitch. Yes, even I check my bending from time to time!


I had to change how I set up the amp. The duo jet was, because of its mini low-output Humbukers, a lot darker and a little quieter. Whereas the gold top was brighter and louder due to it’s P90s – well more mid-range which make the guitar sound louder.


I had to learn how to readjust my hand and the amp to get a better jazz tone on the Goldtop. I realised that both guitars were perfect for how I liked to play and the type of music I love to make.



Since The Change

I feel that I’m starting again, with the “new” (well old!) guitar. I’m thinking of trying this out on my Strat and seeing if I can get that to sound great. I never liked the sound I make with a Straocaster yet I love how Nile Rodgers sounds. Umm, that’s next to try!


If you have more than one guitar, get it out and find its personality.



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