How To Get More Gigs As A Guitarist

Just some more tips to help you get more gigs as a guitarist. A few weeks back I covered how to get more gigs for you band but this one Read More

How To Get More Gigs

Here are 10 simple ways to get more gigs as a guitarist and musician.  You might be doing some of these but if you apply all 10, you’ll see the Read More

I’ve GOT TALENT – have you?!

The last four Sundays, I’ve been a talent show judge. I know – it’s scary that someone would trust a guitarist, let alone me to judge talent! Be that as Read More

You Should Try Teaching Guitar Too

DADGAD guitar tuning

…. But Ashley, are you serious? Me, teach?! No – Never.   Ok. I get it; you don’t where to start, how to explain concepts, plus patience, well that generally Read More

Is Music College Worth It?

Music College

As you might imagine, I get asked this a lot.   I always start with this question:   “What do you hope going to Music College will do for you?” Read More

Mr Hobby

learn all notes on guitar

This is a new thing for me, as one of my real life students, mentioned one of my blog posts in a lesson (always a great way to get more Read More

Start With What You Have – Don’t Wait

I’ve been re-read a book over the last week. The overall subject of the book bares no relation to the profound impact that one line had. For those of you Read More

Have You Found The Kind Of Guitar Player You Are?

effective guitar practice

In the last past, we discussed the kinds of guitar players there are. I talked through each one in some depth. What I didn’t do is tell you how to Read More

What Kind of Guitar Player Are You?

How To Learn New Chords

I thought it would be great to explore the idea of different kinds of guitar players. How that affects your career options, practice routine and even your goals. So, What Read More

Get Lucky – Daft Punk Did

Get Lucky - Daft Punk Did

With over 100m plays only Spotify alone (correct 21 Aug. 2013), Daft Punk really have got lucky (pardon the pun!).   Not only does this make “Get Lucky” the biggest Read More