How To Get More Gigs For Your Band

How To Get More Gigs For Your Band

If you want to get more gigs for your band then my 10 simple tips will enable you to gig more often and have fun playing music with your band.

How To Get More Gigs As A Guitarist

How To Get More Gigs As A Guitarist

A round up of tips to help you get more gigs as a guitarist. If you value yourself and your art, then follow these ideas and you’ll get more opportunities.

How To Win A Talent Competition

how to win a talent competition

As a recent judge at a local talent show, there are lots of tips and tricks you can use to improve your performance. Here’s how to win a talent competition.

The Many Benefits of Teaching Guitar

benefits of teaching guitar

Teaching guitar is a great way to earn a living, grow as a musician and learn to think on your feet. You see there are many benefits of teaching guitar!

Is Music College Worth It?

Is Music College Worth It

Having been to one of the top music college in Europe, I get asked a lot if it’s was worth it. Read my unbiased answer to this question.

Mr Hobby

This is a new thing for me, as one of my real life students, mentioned one of my blog posts in a lesson (always a great way to get more kudus and the quickest way to an easy lesson!). He’d read the post where I described the different types of players, everyone from Mr SessionRead More

Have You Found The Kind Of Guitar Player You Are?

In the last past, we discussed the kinds of guitar players there are. I talked through each one in some depth. What I didn’t do is tell you how to discover which one is most likely you; neither did we talk about how to set goals around your new found identity.     Let’s startRead More

What Kind of Guitar Player Are You?

How To Learn New Chords

I thought it would be great to explore the idea of different kinds of guitar players. How that affects your career options, practice routine and even your goals. So, What Kind of Guitar Player Are You?   What has helped me massively is knowing from the start what kind of player I was hoping toRead More

Get Lucky – Daft Punk Did

Get Lucky - Daft Punk

With over 100m plays only Spotify alone, Daft Punk really have got lucky! Get Lucky is the biggest and fastest selling song of 2013!

Do Artists Make Money From Streaming Services?

How Do Artists Make Money From Streaming Services

Streaming accounts for 13% of the total worldwide digital music sales. Let’s take a look at how artists make money from streaming services?