How To Improve Your Timing On Guitar

Improve Your Timing

If you’ve ever wondered how to improve your timing on guitar, then here are my top 5 tips. Guitar players with good timing will always get the best gigs and Read More

How To Learn All Notes on the Guitar

learn all notes on guitar

While there are many ways to learn all the notes on the guitar, here are my top 5. All are fairly simple tricks, which will help you to master the Read More

A No-nonsense Guide to Effective Guitar Practice

effective guitar practice

Stuck practicing the same scales or exercise, session after session with little results?   It doesn’t have to be that way! You can easily shift to a more effective guitar Read More

5 Simple Tricks: String Bending

string bending

String bending is quite tricky, especially if you use more than one guitar as each guitar bends differently. Let’s look at 5 simple tricks to improve your bending skills.   Read More

5 Simple Tricks: Learn Songs Quicker

Learn Songs Quicker

If you’re like most guitarist you’ll end up getting called to play a function gig at short notice. This means you’ll have to learn 30 + new songs quickly, including Read More

How to read TAB

How to read TAB

If you don’t how to read TAB or even what TAB is, keep reading. It’ll change your life and guitar playing! I hope this will clear up how and what Read More

Fix Your Guitar’s Intonation

guitar intonation

What is Guitar Intonation? Intonation is when the guitar’s string is perfectly lined up with the frets. If the intonation is out you will find yourself more and more out Read More

Exploring George Gershwin’s Summertime

jazz guitar lesson

We all know and love the tune Summertime. Many years ago I was watching Emily Remler play the song as part of her “Bebop and Swing” Hot Licks VHS! She Read More

Are Nylon Stringed Guitars Easier To Play?

Are Nylon String Guitars Easier To Play

I get asked this a lot – “Are Nylon Stringed Guitars Easier To Play?”   While nylon strings are softer on the fingers and can seem easier to play. The Read More

Is 40 Too Old To Learn Guitar?

Is 40 Too Old To Learn Guitar

I recently was asked: “Is 40 too old to learn guitar?”   My answer is actually quite simple. It’s never too late to learn guitar. However, you have to commit. Read More