5 Simple Tricks: String Bending

string bending

String bending is quite tricky, especially if you use more than one guitar as each guitar bends differently. Let’s look at 5 simple tricks to improve your bending skills.   Read More

5 Simple Tricks: Learn Songs Quicker

Learn Songs Quicker

If you’re like most guitarist you’ll end up getting called to play a function gig at short notice. This means you’ll have to learn 30 + new songs quickly, including Read More

Should I add a True Bypass Looper?

How to use a True Bypass Looper

If your like me, you’ll want to use quite a guitar effects pedals but keep your signal chain clean. You will also want to make it easy to locate bad Read More

Exploring George Gershwin’s Summertime

jazz guitar lesson

We all know and love the tune Summertime. Many years ago I was watching Emily Remler play the song as part of her “Bebop and Swing” Hot Licks VHS! She Read More

5 Simple Tricks: Get A Better Guitar Tone

Better Guitar Tone

We all search for better guitar tone, trying new pedals, a different signal chain, and more. If I told you there’s five simple, quick things you can do today for Read More

5 Simple Tricks: Learn All Notes on the Guitar

learn all notes on guitar

While there are many ways to learn all the notes on the guitar. Here’s 5 simple tricks to master the guitar’s fretboard.     #1 Think Keys What is your Read More

Guitar Tunings [whole fretboard diagrams]

guitar tunings

 Can you write out all the popular guitar tunings in full?!   I’ve detailed in the past DADGAD, a tuning I still use from time to time. I also talked Read More

Tom Bukovac

Tom Bukovac

Tom Bukovac has to be a hero of mine. You’ll shortly see why. Not only is Tom one of the most called session guitarist in Nashville, he’s tasty in everything Read More

Guitar Gear 2015

Guitar gear update

In the last 6 months, I’ve purchased and sold a number of guitar gear: mostly pedals. And also a new guitar. So it’s about time to explore what guitar gear Read More

Not Listening = Over Playing


I’m as guilty of this as much as anyone – so, I’m not trying to be judgemental – just helpful.   The reason behind this post is simple, YouTube keeps Read More