How To Build A Pedalboard

How To Build A Pedalboard

One of the most confusing thing in guitar playing is how to order effect pedals! Which should go first? And which last? So here’s how to build a pedalboard.   Read More

The $1k Dream Guitar Rig Challenge

The $1k Dream Guitar Rig Challenge

I’d thought I would have a bit of fun and try to build a new dream guitar rig on a limited budget.  Of course, this is just for laughs but Read More

How are Guitar Effects Pedals Priced?

Guitar Effects Pedals Priced

A question that I often wonder is how are things priced. So I wanted to break down how I think guitar effect pedals are priced. Also, I want to explore Read More

What is the Best Overall Guitar?

Best Guitar Overall

The best overall guitar isn’t the most expensive, or the coolest, it might not even play the easiest. The best guitar is the one which keeps you playing, inspired and Read More

Should I add a True Bypass Looper?

How to use a True Bypass Looper

If your like me, you’ll want to use quite a guitar effects pedals but keep your signal chain clean. You will also want to make it easy to locate bad Read More

How To Buy Guitars At Auction

Guitar Auctions

About 3 or 4 times each year, I go to a specialist guitar auction. It’s always a great experience, and so I’d thought it would be worth talking about how Read More

5 Simple Tricks: Get A Better Guitar Tone

Better Guitar Tone

We all search for better guitar tone, trying new pedals, a different signal chain, and more. If I told you there’s five simple, quick things you can do today for Read More

How To Build A True Bypass Loop Pedal

Cheap vs Expensive Guitar Cables

If you’ve ever wanted to build a simple true bypass loop pedal then it’s not as hard as you think! We’ll also discover how to add tuner out and master Read More

Which guitar should I buy for a beginner?

best electric guitar under 150

As I do more teaching, I’ve been asked – “Which guitar should I buy for a beginner?”   Buying a beginner guitar or even your first guitar doesn’t have to Read More

Guitar Gear 2015

Guitar gear update

In the last 6 months, I’ve purchased and sold a number of guitar gear: mostly pedals. And also a new guitar. So it’s about time to explore what guitar gear Read More